About deluxe suite

Deluxe suite

Book a Deluxe suite with two separated single beds or with a large double bed. You will adore the huge, min. 35 square meter space.

Enjoy the Mediterranean panorama on the balcony which gives you a lookout to the inner courtyard. The quiet, courtyard-panorama suites have a really large space so you can relax even in a case of shorter or long-term stay. If you like big, airy rooms and homey atmosphere a deluxe suit is the perfect choice for you.

If you are on your business trip you can easily focus on your job due to useful work corners in deluxe suites. We are working to provide you all the indispensable conditions which can facilitate your work and recreation at the same time.

Will you come with family? Deluxe suites are big enough for three persons because of the comfortable sofa which you can simply convert to a bed.

Rooms have a dining room section and refrigerator which can be filled with snack and drinks on request.

In all the suites you can find an LCD television with a wide range of channels, furthermore a telephone and high-speed free Wi-Fi access.

We are working to make your relaxation flawless, in this way coffee, tea, and chocolate is already prepared in your room before arrival.

Deluxe suites with pool panorama are equipped with shower cabin. Bathrooms are well-equipped and you can find everything that might be necessary during your holiday: towels in smaller and bigger size, hair dryer, towel dryer, and different cosmetics.



Deluxe suite facilities

  • air-conditioner

  • free wellness services

  • outdoor pool

  • min. 35 square meter

  • coffee, tea, and chocolate in rooms

  • telephone

  • cosmetics in the bathroom

  • double bed or two separated single beds

  • comfortable sofa

  • free Wi-Fi access

  • LCD TV

  • hair dryer

  • pool view

  • for max. three persons

  • concierge service

  • shower cabin

  • refrigerator

Hurray, it is a vacation!

Huge balcony

If you like outdoor places and sunbathing but not beside the pool choose a deluxe suite. On your own private balcony, you can lay in the sunbed and order different freshener drinks. Our mint-cucumber flavored lemonade is unique and favorite of guests.

„We had a really good time. Deluxe suite was big enough for us, moreover for kids’ toys also. The huge terrace was so impressive as the same as the big double bed.”

Papp Gyula, Miskolc

„Deluxe suite was fantastic. The design, the colors, the little decor objects just made the room more adorable. The big sofa was as comfortable as the double bed but my favorite was the luxurious style of the bathroom. I loved it.”

Lehoczky Pál, Ózd

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